Intellectualism & Faith: Part 1

Intellect is a necessity of faith!

The dangers:

1. People allow themselves to neglect intellect.

2. People approach wisdom but they become proud in it.

3. People confuse godly wisdom with worldly wisdom.

The church so often excludes the spiritual and godly need for intellect within faith and worship. This is studying the word, not studying your own thoughts. It is to study the mind of God, not the mind of man. It is to pay attention to man, but for the sake of the Truth not even for the sake of man. God is meant to be worshiped in the mind, just not only the mind.

- - -

"We have no right as Christian people to allow certain aspects of the Christian life to remain dark and vague and nebulous in our understanding. It is our business to think and reason and understand as far as we possibly can. Everyone should search for light and knowledge. The Gospel places no premium whatsoever on ignorance and obscurantism." D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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